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Changing mindsets, one couple at a time.
Erotic or Sex Shop?
Rather discover the LUV alternative in Quebec.

In an era where sex is treated like a highway and in which romance and sensuality are completely lost, we want to go back to the roots and remind people that beyond orgasm and infinite penetration there is complicity, self-esteem, respect for others, but also self-respect ...

Sex Shop Quebec/Canada - LUV online Sherbrooke/Quebec/Canada

A different concept with a unique atmosphere. Buy online or in store in Sherbrooke.

The Alternative to Sex Shops in Quebec/Canada Sherbrooke Boutique LUV   is divided into three sections.Lingerie, Coquineries 18+ et Books.

You will find the best of Sex toys, vibrators, dildos, masturbators for men, lingerie online, etc. There is a range of products for everyone, at surprisingly affordable prices! A selection of the best products on the market ...

Your Love Shop and lingerie shop in Sherbrooke and in Quebec/Canada! The alternativeSex Shop in Sherbrooke, erotic shop in Sherbrooke et erotic shop of Quebec/Canada. Buy online from anywhere in Canada!

Testimonials from satisfied customers

I went to the boutique past June to buy lingerie for my husband-to-be. I had never worn anything like it before and so I didn't know what or what not to look for. Amélie helped me a lot in my shopping! The quality of their products is great, they are extremely comfortable and prices are fairly good. Service was impeccable! Thanks again, better than a sex shop!

Jessie - 15-Sept-2014

BIG THANK YOU TO AMÉLIE for her note in my package! A top notch after-sales service! I am more than happy with my purchases ;))))!!! Shipping was also very quick! Thank you to the whole team! Mélanie xxx

Mélanie Boudreault - 23-Janv-2013

As soon as I stepped in I felt extremely comfortable. Putting upfront romanticism and sensuality is a great idea! My purchase helped us get closer and learn more about each other. Service was helpful we love the products we bought! Especially the bath salts! Thank you, and we'll be back that's for sure!!

Anonyme - 11-Sept-2012

I've visited many sexshops in Quebec, but none is comparable to Boutique LUV. The vibe is welcoming and very comforting. I am always happy to stop by whenever I am in Sherbrooke and spend a little! Nothing better than an owner who knows her products and their quality. It's easy to ask for information without feeling shy. Boutique LUV is THE couple's boutique. Even my boyfriend feels comfortable there!!

A Demers - 07-Sept-2012